ICF Prosthetics was the final project for ENGR2210: Principles of Engineering. Directed simply integrate mechanical, electrical, and software systems, my team of four decided to tackle accessibility.

We believed that prosthetics ought to adapt to the human, not vice versa. Our arm predicts user motion based on wrist acceleration and forearm/upper-arm angle. It provides the user feedback with a cuff, cinching the user's upper arm with a strength proportional to the arm's grip.

With an eye towards size scalability, I spearheaded mechanical development of the arm, building eight prototypes during the project's eight-week timeline. The result was a $170, 0.9lb under-elbow prosthesis that married affordability with an intuitive interface for control and feedback.

Role: Mechanical designer
For: Principles of Enginering
Audience: Under-elbow amputees
Date: Fall 2014

Project website