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In our high-school senior capstone course, we were tasked to develop - in 10 months - a 6kg polymorphic robot with the capability to perform multiple tasks of value.

I served as one of the team's Project Managers. My 16-member team chose the military as the target audience because we wanted to prevent soldier casualties. We started by researching - talking to people in the military field. We discovered that real-time information is the most valuable asset on the field, so we focused on improving military reconnaissance. To navigate both land and air travel for better recon capabilities, we investigated dibond, a light yet strong aluminum composite, as chassis material and we became the first team in EDD history to achieve flight.

As an entrepreneurial undertaking, we realized early-on that the scope we were striving to achieve would exceed the $1,500 budget. We were the first team in course history that worked to solicit outside donations from both for- and non-profit organizations, and we earned over $2,000, and roughly $1,000 of which consisted of donated printing and manufacturing services.

At the end of the year, the robot Mercury was able to succesfully perform the reconnaisance tasks we had set out to do: perform aerial room mapping, wirelessly transmit live video feed, detect a simulated mine, detect movement with discreet deployable modules.